The second annual MCA Leadership Symposium was held on October 10th at Legg Mason Tower. The Leadership Symposium is a professional and personal development platform and opportunity exclusively for MCA members and their employees.

Our first speaker was Dr. Ivan Joseph, currently Ryerson University Direc-tor of Athletics. Born in Guyana and raised in Canada, Joseph won the 2006 NAIA National Soccer Coach of the Year Award, and was named HAAC conference Coach of the Year three seasons. Dr. Joseph also works on preparation and mental toughness with some of the top professional athletes in the world. Based on his many years of studying high-performing athletes, Joseph shared that grit is the most important human trait for high performers. Joseph offered suggestions to attendees on ways to perform more effectively in the workplace and how to overcome failure.

Jay Rao, Babson College Professor of Innovation & Strategy, is one of the nation’s most sought after consultants for Fortune 500 executives seeking a competitive edge. During the symposium, Rao highlighted compelling academic research on remaining relevant in a rugged, competitive mar-ketplace with MCA- MD members in attendance. Rao noted the lightning speed by which company executives must embrace innovation or risk joining the ever-growing list of defunct companies.

Harris “The Third” was our final speaker for this year’s symposium. An illu-sionist and magician, Harris dazzled us with magic tricks while conveying a very simple message that the ultimate roll of a leader is to awaken the im-agination of those you lead so the possible becomes reality.